The challenges that have since been triggered by titles and social networks lead to a long cycle of small direct and indirect provocations: Their relationship turned into one after a musical argument between Drake and Pusha-T, a protégé of Kanye West, in 2018 Way worsened that seems incurable.

Since then, the two artists have gone their separate ways, even if the bickering sometimes continues online or through albums. Backing former President Donald J. Trump, Kanye West started an ill-fated presidential race and turned to gospel with “Jesus Is King,” a Christian-themed album released in October 2019. He promised not to swear in his titles – “Donda” also keeps a promise for his guests.

Drake, meanwhile, has released regular cast titles, although his appearances are becoming rarer. In the spring of 2020, following the single “ Toosie Slide, ” which peaked at # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, the rapper released an unplanned mixtape, “ Dark Lane Demo Tapes, ” a compilation of tracks that had leaked online. . He promised to release a studio album this summer, and a debut single, “Laugh Now Cry Later,” reached # 2 in August. The album didn’t arrive, but a three-track maxi was released in March titled ” Scary Hours 2 ”, of which one of the singles is number 1 (” What’s Next ”).

After months of cryptic hints about the album’s status as summer drew to a close and the two rap mastodons re-emerged, a confrontation with Kanye West seemed inevitable. While Kanye West was touring with ‘Donda’, Drake released a tinkered and unconventional clip on the ESPN show ‘SportsCenter’ in which he appeared to be promoting a September 3rd release.

And on a Trippie Redd track titled “Betrayal,” the rapper claimed that the excitement surrounding Kanye West’s “Donda” wouldn’t affect the final release date of his own album. This time Drake rapped, “It’s set in stone.”