A few weeks after the election, the lawsuit said, a key organizer of the stop-the-steal movement that was making false claims of electoral fraud, Ali Alexander, appeared at a rally outside the Georgia State Capitol with the leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio. “We’ll stop the theft,” the suit quotes Mr. Alexander. “But first we will stop the certification.”

Mr Alexander’s attorney, Baron Coleman, has repeatedly said that his client is not being investigated in relation to the riot. Mr Tarrio was out of Washington on January 6, but was sentenced to five months in prison this week for possessing illegal weapons and burning a Black Lives Matter flag that came from a historic after a separate pro-Trump rally in December Stolen black church in Washington was also engulfed in violence.

The lawsuit mentions further steps on the way to January 6th: In late November, it is said, a California-based political organizer named Alan Hostetter, who believed the election had been stolen, posted a video on the Internet alleging it was stolen that people “at the highest level” are levels ”must“ be done with one or two or three executions, for example ”.

Mr. Hostetter, who was charged with conspiracy to storm the Capitol in June with members of the Three Percent Militia Movement, also said in the video that he will “return to Washington with a million patriots and we will encircle this city.” . “

On Jan. 6, the suit features a picture of stop-the-steal activists inciting the mob of Trump supporters gathered in Washington with lies about the election, which the president then repeated in a speech near the White House. Members of the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenter movement are believed to have led the local mob in the attack on the Capitol.

Mr Trump, the lawsuit says, knew that “the situation in the Capitol was grim,” but did not condemn the rioters. Instead, two hours after the first violation, he posted a video repeating his lie that the election had been stolen and stolen, telling the attackers that he loved them.