Hello, my name is Nia DaCosta and I am the director of “Candyman”. “You want to hear a scary story?” “No.” “Pity.” So this scene is Troy and Brianna – they are siblings – and Brianna’s friend Anthony – who is the artist – and Troy’s friend. And they are all trying to have a nice dinner together, but Troy insists on telling a ghost story about the neighborhood Brianna and Anthony just moved into. You see Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Anthony, Teyonah Parris as Brianna, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Troy and Kyle Kaminsky as Grady. [LAUGHTER] “This is a story about a woman named Helen Lyle. She was a graduate – a white graduate – and was writing her PhD on the urban legends of Cabrini Green. She came to Cabrini a few times to do research. You know, ask questions, shoot graffiti, people. And then one day they just snap. ”So the shadow puppets came about when Jordan Peele, the co-writer and producer of the film, came up to me and said I think we should do shadow puppets instead of doing real flashbacks. And I was in a great mood because I didn’t want to shoot any flashback scenes or cut clips from the first film. So we’ve made a decision, OK, the flashbacks are going to be shadow puppet shows. But then when I was working with the shadow puppets and trying to figure out where they fit, it turned out that they were actually much more useful. So they ended up in this scene. We wanted it to be very specific to the cashier. So every shadow puppet scene has a very specific style and point of view because it’s the way you think about the story. It’s not necessarily the truth. “Helen comes with an offering.” [BABY CRYING] And that’s why we wanted to create this separation between fact and fiction, real and fake. And that’s why you see the hands moving, because it’s about these people creating a story – puppetry, how we think about these people. And for Troy, he’s very hyperbolic because he’s trying to tell a scary story. He also says things that didn’t happen. We made the style very jagged and scary and not the personable character of Helen that we know and love from the original film. “Is my rosé still in the freezer?” “You don’t want the Moscato? Moscato is a dessert wine. ” [CHUCKLES]